Our Lovely dog Sunny passed away

Today just not a very good day for us. As our dog Sunny has passed away this morning. It was kinda shock when i heard this news… Heard from our parents in hometown that sunny has not been feeling well in the pass few days. Still remember the times when i first brought this dog to my wife parents house 6 or 7 years ago. Now Sunny is about 10years old.

Not taken so many photos of Sunny, Luckily that time i have managed to take few shots of Sunny during the time we bring Sunny for a ride in beach and walk around nearby houses. This few images is taken about 5years ago.. Fortunately, i still have these old backup in my drive. These few photos is not what award winning shot, but these normal photograph now become a memories for us to keep.

This incident also thought us always remember to Love the one we care. Do not wait until when it is gone only we feel regret. Because life is too short and we never know what will happen in future.


IMG_5608 IMG_5610 IMG_5613 IMG_5616 IMG_5617 IMG_5713 IMG_5714 IMG_5716

Happy Chinese New Year 2015…

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 to all of my friends, family & Client. Wishing you all the best luck and health in the year of goat.

This will be our last post and update for the time being as we will be performing upgrade for our new website.

This 2015 we will be providing new portfolio, new design & new layout for a better and different viewing/browsing experience for you all. We will do our best to get up the new website as soon as possible.

Once again happy chinese new year & have a pleasant new year

With Love & Regards,

Plotz Studio.




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